Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taking it (necessary advice) from Big Eddie

Talk about obstacles, from week one, when I purchased a hunk-o-junk '06 Chevrolet Cobalt from CarMax, I have had the distinct honor of receiving added anxieties over "recall" problems that were apparently fixed.
Anyways, I'm currently having a bro-talk with my main man, Big Eddie. Sure, he's about 150 lbs bigger than me, but I am the type of dude that likes to set the bar high. Whenever I'm not looking, Eddie will, from time to time, check the living daylights out of me. Sometimes physically, and sometimes verbally in response to my "girly-mon" obstacles.
Like any body builder would say, "you just gotta push through the pain". Having your power steering go out and your e-brake light flashing, it's hard not to yell at the top of my lungs like Jobu's got me down. (My neighbors must think I'm nuts!) The worst part of this whole "character-building" experience is the fact that it always happens when mr. fix-it is closed. Yeah, really weird, I know...
This is why I can sometimes sound "aggressive" on the bass. This is why 110% is no problem for me at any given moment. Every time Big Eddie chops away at my abs, the tone improves.
People notice.
Defeat can only happen after the battle.  
Well, the cops are here. I should probably not look like I'm actually doing something productive with my phone.
This should be the beginning of a semi-consistent stream that should now be appearing on the website. Destination Gypsy inspired me to tighten things up on that end.
(I think parts of the site are still in German or something) Bear-With.
- Disco

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