Tuesday, September 4, 2012

About Last Night...

At approximately 9:22pm last night, I received a call which turned into 45:01 seconds of opportunity knocking at my door via someone most people only see on tv. I have many unique interests which introduce me to many unique, interesting people. I will be meeting with this friend of mine today and will be explaining my vision for the next 365 days.
For the past 365 days, I've endured much but have seen growth and in some cases, fruit. I personally believe that bearing fruit, bearing witness, and "grinning & bearing it", all go together. I used to hold back which made life pretty difficult for me, and ever since letting go, I've really seen opportunities that I wouldn't have recognized.
Today is a big day for me, and I'm going to act like it. Why lie?
I give ALMondS to the poor...
Don't mess with Abel when he's hungry. Always come with food. Even after giving the homeless man almonds, he beats me with a branch. Oh well, he ends up with a smile, which is exactly what I came for.
More videos with Abel & others coming soon!!!